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Quod Erat Dragon

... that which was a dragon.

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abandoned buildings, alice ml, alternative energy, ambiguity, architect's leap, art, biking, biodiesel, bionics, bisexuality, booth, c, caffeine, calculus, carnegie mellon university, chaos, chaos theory, circuitry, cmu, compassion, complexity theory, computer science, computers, condensed matter, consciousness transfer, creativity, cryptography, cyberpunk, cynics, dancing, depth, discrete math, distributed computing, doktor helmut vogel, doom, dragonfly bsd, dragons, drama, electrical tape, electronica, electronics, emergent behavior, engineering, escher, fantasy, fractals, freedom, fuel cells, functor, gadgetry, game theory, geeks, genetics, go cheney yourself, graph theory, hacking, high-energy physics, hippies, infinity, intelligence, interdisciplinary education, irony, kernel hacking, kgb, kink, knives, language, legos, lightswitch raves, linux, lock-free datastructures, logic, machine language, machines, mars, math, metaphysics, monty python, mozart-oz, multi-agent systems, museums, music, music theory, nanotechnology, networking, neural networks, number theory, ocaml, open source, packet loss, particle physics, perception, perl, philosophy, physics, piano, pittsburgh, polyamory, pravda?, programming, proteomics, psychology, puns, pure science, quanta, randomness, revolution, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, satire, science, semiconductors, sex, shiny things, silicon, socialism, solar power, space, steam tunnels, string theory, subdermal implants, sustainability, tangents, techno, technology, the bitter bus, theatre, theatre tech, thinking, time-space continuum, tools, trenchcoats, trogdor the burninator, tunneling, type checking, uncertainty, underground tour, unix, utopia, wean hall, web of trust, weirdness, wit, world domination, zephyr,